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Disability Access and Inclusion Plan

The City is committed to ensuring that everyone within the community can access the wide range of services, facilities and programs we provide. The City of Bayswater developed its first Disability Service Plan in 1995 and its implementation resulted in a range of initiatives, which greatly improved access to services and facilities for people with disabilities.

The City's Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP) has been approved and adopted by the City since October 2007. The Western Australian Disability Services Act (1993) requires all local governments to develop and implement a disability access and inclusion plan.

The City of Bayswater, as a local government authority, has a responsibility under the Disability Services Act to ensure that people who live, work and recreate within the municipality are able to access all its functions, facilities and services provided to the community.

What does 'access and inclusion' mean?

Often, people think that access relates only to buildings. While physical access is very important, it is only part of the picture, and the current legislation requires that Local Governments consider access more broadly in their disability access and inclusion plans so that people with disabilities are considered and included in all areas of the council's operations. This means that people with a disability must have equitable access to:

- Services (eg accessible footpaths, kerb ramps, help with rubbish bins etc)
- Buildings and facilities (auto doors, access toilets, ramps, accessible play areas etc)
- Information (information in other formats such as Browse aloud on City's website, easy to read brochures etc)
- Staff with awareness and skills to assist people with disabilities (staff training in disability awareness, communication etc)
- Complaints process (making sure people know about these and are supported to access them as required)
- Community Consultation (ensuring people with disabilities are able to take part in all consultation - not just those regarding disability issues;  consulting with local people with a disability on access issues)
- Employment (eg work experience, volunteering, recruitment practices)

City of Bayswater Disability and Access Inclusion Plan 2016 - 2020 - SUMMARY

City of Bayswater Disability and Access Inclusion Plan 2016 - 2020 (pdf)

City of Bayswater Disability and Access Inclusion Plan 2016 - 2020 (Word)

City of Bayswater Disability Access and Inclusion Plan Outcome 7 Amendment

For more information, contact the City's DAIP Officer on 9270 4107 or email inclusion@bayswater.wa.gov.au .


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