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City Of Bayswater

Bayswater Child Care Association (Incorporated)

The Bayswater Child Care Association (Incorporated) comprises:

1. Occasional Child Care Centre:

  • Derrick Ernst Neighbourhood Centre
  • Morley Centre
  • Bayswater Centre
  • Maylands Centre

2. Long Day Care Centres:

  • Silverwood Child Care Centre
  • Salisbury Child Care Centre
  • Noranda Child Care Centre

The Objects of our Association

The objects of the Association are -

(a) to promote the welfare and care of children and families within the neighbouring community and to provide quality child care geared to the needs of the community;

(b) to provide a secure, loving and stimulating environment to enhance the individual developmental needs of each child;

(c) to provide child care that is non-institutionalised, culturally relevant and able to offer continuity between the home and the service for the child and parent or legally appointed guardian.

(d) to have a community focus that will aid the development of neighbourhood networks;

(e) to promote parent and community participation and involvement to ensure the relevance and acceptability of service for the community;

(f) to have a close liaison with other services within the community;

(g) to have the flexibility to meet the changing child care needs within the community’; and

(h) to create an environment where individual, staff and team potential can be appropriately developed for the benefit of the children, parents and community.

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