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The City of Bayswater in partnership with the Department of Sport and Recreation is proud to deliver the KidSport funding to our residents.

KidSport funding provides up to $150 each year for children between the ages of 5 and 18 who hold a current health care or pension concession card (or referred to the program via an approved financial assessor) to join their local not for profit sporting club.

The funding will assist to pay for membership fees and may also contribute to any required uniform and equipment (if eligible).

To apply for KidSport funding (if eligible) please completed the KidSport Application Form online at the Department of Sport and Recreation website. Alternatively, you can complete a hard copy form and forward it to the City of Bayswater Attention: Recreation Services at either by email: mail@bayswater.wa.gov.au or by post PO Box 467 Morley WA 6943.

For more information regarding the program contact the City's Club Development Officer on 9272 0622 or visit the Department of Sport and Recreation website.

KidSport online application

KidSport application form - print version.

Clubs within the City of Bayswater will need to register to become a KidSport registered club for participants to be able to join the program and claim KidSport funding. To register as a participating club please visit the Department of Sport and Recreation website.



City of Bayswater KidSport Top-Up Funding

KidSport approved clubs can apply for the ‘Top Up’ on behalf of KidSport eligible residents by following a few simple steps below.

  • Club to supply KidSport eligible resident with a ‘Top Up’ application form to fill out and return to your local club
  • Your local club will raise an invoice with the required information as shown below:
    • To be addressed to: City of Bayswater, PO Box 467 Morley WA 6943 
    • Club details and name of child 
    • Top Up amount being requested i.e. difference in registration fees up to $50 (Inc. GST) over and above the $150 provided by KidSport. 
    • Banking details for payment 
    • ABN of club 
    • Whether GST is applicable

For examples of the required invoice, please see here.

  • Clubs email Top Up Application Form and invoice to community.services@bayswater.wa.gov.au
  • The City of Bayswater will process the application, if approved, the City will pay the Top Up amount directly to your local club.

FAQs - KidSport Top-Up Funding

Please note: KidSport clubs may seek the Top Up even if the club is not within the City of Bayswater boundary. It is the Kidsport Applicant who must be KidSport eligible and reside within the City of Bayswater.

Sport Grants Directory

The City of Bayswater has put together a grants directory of a selection of grant funding opportunities sport clubs and individual athletes may be able to apply for.

The list is not exhaustive, and the information is not updated regularly. For up to date information on eligibility criteria and application deadlines, please contact the grant provider directly to ensure you don't miss out.

Sport Grants Directory

For other grant and funding opportunities, visit the resources/links page.

Blue Ribbon Clubs Newsletter

For regular updates on available grants, subscribe to the Blue Ribbon Clubs Newsletter. Emailed monthly, the newsletter provides up-to-date information on grants, training and workshops, plus important sport and recreation news and information. To subscribe, email the club development officer at mail@bayswater.wa.gov.au.

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