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City Of Bayswater

Disability Access and Inclusion

What is access and inclusion?

Access and inclusion means the removal or reduction of barriers (physical and attitudinal) to participation in the activities and functions of a community, by ensuring that information, services and facilities are accessible to people with various disabilities.

Who is responsible for access and inclusion?

The Western Australian Disability Services Act (DSA) 1993 requires all State and Local Government Authorities to implement a DAIP to ensure that people with disability have equity of access and inclusion to functions, facilities and services provided by the Authority.

What is the City of Bayswater doing to promote access and inclusion?

The City is committed to working toward equity for all community members including people with disability, their family members and carers, and reports on the implementation of its DAIP through an annual status report to the Disability Services Commission.

The City's DAIP outlines strategies to improve access and inclusion across various areas.

To read the DAIP Summary document, or the DAIP in full, please use the links below:

For more information or to request the DAIP in an alternative format, contact the City's Community Development Officer on 9272 0658 or email inclusion@bayswater.wa.gov.au

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