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Mertome - Redevelopment

Development of Mertome Retirement Village in Bayswater began in the early 1970s. Mertome Village was visionary for its time and the first such development undertaken by local government in Australia.

Nearly 50 years on, the village's infrastructure is coming to the end of its operating life and needs to be redeveloped to bring it up to 21st Century standards to meet the needs of current and future residents.


To enable the redevelopment of Mertome Village, Council has decided to offer a long-term lease to a professional aged care operator.
The decision by Council recognises the wishes of residents that the City should retain ownership, whilst also unlocking the resources available to a specialist organisation experienced in developing and operating retirement villages.

In selecting potential aged care operators, Council stipulated a number of requirements that the operator would have to meet in order to be considered.

These requirements include demonstrating a track record showing strong people values and high levels of resident satisfaction at facilities they currently operate.

Prior to offering a long-term lease, a number of steps need to be undertaking and these include:

• Developing a business plan for the long term lease of Mertome Village.
• Submitting this plan to Council for approval prior to advertising.
• Inviting tenders from suitably qualified aged care operators to enter into a long term lease.

This process is likely to take many months to complete and in the meantime, Juniper will continue to manage the operations at Mertome Village on behalf of Council.

Council is committed to keeping residents informed. Please contact the City's Director of Finance and Corporate Services, Carissa Bywater, should you have any queries on 9272 0634.


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