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City Of Bayswater

City of Bayswater Skate (BMX and Scooter) Parks

Skate Park Reserve Events

The City of Bayswater in partnership with Skate WA host clinics, jam sessions and this year State Championship Series Qualifier on 7 December 2018.
Please see below for further details and information of dates across the City. If you require further information please contact Skate WA or City of Bayswater.

Park Sharks Event

Skate Events 2018-19

Wotton Skatepark (Embleton)

Behind Wotton Reserve (Corner Embleton Ave & Broun Ave)

Wotton Skatepark  Wotton Skatepark

Wotton Skatepark is a large concrete park that challenges all riders. At the entry to the park sits the main attraction, a 12ft steel halfpipe. With stairs to both sides the halfpipe skaters can challenge their vert skills in a safe environment.

The street section of the park will also challenge the most creative skaters with 5 different tabletops varying in size, height and slope as well as split levels and stairs. There is also a range of grind rails and edges to extend your lines.

At the back of the park is the bowl section. With a 7ft single level pool and an 8ft ¾ bowl the Wotton skatepark will give any skater a chance to have some fun.

BMX Dirt jumps.
Also located at Wotton Skatepark are the Cities only dirt jumps. Designed by BMX riders the track is just under 100m long with a single banked left turn. The track features 7 jumps and kickers of different heights and angles.

Crimea Skatepark (Morley)

Eastern Side of Tennis Courts at Crimea Park (Crimea Rd)

Crimea Skatepark   Crimea Skatepark

Crimea Skatepark is a medium sized technical street park catering for both novice and advanced users. Sitting on a smooth concrete base the park has been designed by skaters to encourage creative lines within the park. At opposite ends of the park are a large ramped grind box and a curved rail grind box with numerous rails and skate-able benches in between. The park also has 4 different concrete boxes that provide varying obstacles including different levels and angled kickers.

The skatepark is lit during the evening from 6pm till 9pm and the facilities include water fountains, bins and shaded seats.

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