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Welcome to the Waves Recreation Centre Creche

Our Crèche will provide a safe, caring and stimulating environment for your child while you enjoy the wide range of facilities on offer at Bayswater Waves, including group fitness classes, gym, lap pools and even a sauna and spa to relax and unwind.

Children aged 8 weeks to 5yrs are welcome during school term and children 8 weeks up to 12yrs during school holidays.

Your child will have access to explore the varied learning environments we set up such as the home corner for dramatic play, the book area for language development and the wet area for arts, painting and being creative!


 Your children will be supervised and cared for by wonderful staff with a variety of experience in caring for children, including early childhood professionals and those with parenting experience. The team is friendly, supportive and always happy to meet new families within the community.
Hours of Operation

8:30am-12:00pm Monday to Friday
8:00am-12:00pm Saturday


Crèche Booking Time Cost
Childcare - one hour $3.80
Childcare - one and a half hours $4.60

Childcare - two hours

Crèche 10 visit card - one hour $34.20
Crèche 10 visit card - one and a half hours $41.40
Crèche 10 visit card - two hours $47.70


Please email us wavescreche@bayswater.wa.gov.au or call in to see us to receive an enrolment pack and discuss booking your child into Creche. Alternatively, download the Enrolment Form and Creche Brochure.

To ensure we provide a safe and healthy environment we ask that you accept the following conditions of use:

  • Parents must remain within the facility at all times and must be able to attend to their child’s needs if required.
  • Children are to be signed in and out of the Creche by parents during each booking
  • Parent/Guardians who drop off the child to creche that day will be the only persons allowed to pick up the child as well.
  • Children who are unwell are not permitted to attend creche. This helps to minimse cross infection and keep our children, parents and staff healthy. Please do not attend Creche if you child has any of the following;
      - a cold
      - conjunctivitis
      - diarrhoea
      - vomiting
      - cold sores
      - school sores
      - a rash
      - a fever
  • Parents must immediately return to the Crèche to attend to their child if requested to do so by Crèche staff.
  • All belongings are to be labelled especially food and drink containers
  • Nuts and popcorn are not allowed
  • Bookings are to be 24hrs in advance

Please pop in and say Hi, have a look around and pick up some information on getting your fitness journey underway while your child has fun. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Bayswater waves Reception: 9276 6538
Email: wavescreche@bayswater.wa.gov.au  

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