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Hydrotherapy Pool


At Bayswater Waves, we have baby swimming lessons in the hydrotheraphy pool, teaching babies from young ages help promote water confidence in a safe and warm environment. Lessons start from 5 months old ranging to 36 months old.

The hydrotherapy pool is designed for rehabilitation and water based therapy. Any person using this pool must do so for those purposes only. Any children using the hydrotherapy pool must do so under the strict supervision of a responsible adult who is in the water at all times.

All patrons using the Health Suite must wear a Health Suite wrist band which can be obtained from reception.


Hydrotherapy Upgrade




Access to the hydrotherapy pool has been designed for peoplewith restricted mobility in mind.  The hydrotherapy pool also offers the use of a 180 degree chair lift for assisted or independent access to the pool, as well as steps with handrails on both sides.

Please refer to the Accessibility section for further information about the pools. 

There are many benefits from using the hydrotherapy pool:

Physical benefits:
• Decreased pain and muscular tension.
• Increased flexibility.
• Increased muscular strength.
• Increased aerobic fitness.
• Relief of muscular tension.
• Functional re-training for work.
• Body cleansing.
• Muscular relaxation.

Psychological benefits: 
• Relaxation, due to warmth.
• Increased feeling of health.
• Increased feeling of well-being. 

To view the Hydrotheraphy timetable, please click here
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