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Mobile Food Vehicles

The City of Bayswater has recognised that there is an emerging national and international trend for ‘pop up’ mobile food vehicles as a means of activating under-utilised streets and public places to create social community hubs.

To address this need the City has developed a Mobile Food Vehicles Policy which includes potential locations for mobile food vehicles on public land (parks, reserves, streets or roads), waste management, fixtures, noise and advertising.

The City of Bayswater has approved the following 10 locations within the City for mobile food vehicles to operate at: 

  • AP Hinds Reserve, Bayswater;
  • Bardon Park, Maylands;
  • Beaufort Park, Bedford; 
  • Bert Wright Park, Bayswater;Operators can apply for the following permits:
  • Broun Park, Embleton; 
  • Crimea Park, Morley; 
  • Riverside Gardens, Bayswater; 
  • Robert Thompson Park, Noranda; 
  • Shearn Memorial Park, Maylands; and 
  • Wymond Park, Bayswater.

Alternative locations could also be considered if they meet the objectives of the Mobile Food Vehicles Policy.

Operators can apply for the following permits

  • Crimea Park (mornings between 6am and 1pm)
  • Nine Other Approved locations

​The City currently does not accept any applications for new evening mobile food vehicles operating at Crimea Park until the number of permits has gone down to less than 12 evening permit holders. As one of the 12 permits becomes available, it will be replaced by those who have expressed their interest to operate a mobile food vehicle at Crimea Park on a first-in basis.

Permit Prices:

Crimea Park 3 month permit  6 month permit  12 month permit 
Morning Permit
Evening Permit
Nine Other Approved Locations 3 month permit   6 month permit   12 month permit  
  $250 $500  $1000 

Upon receiving an application, the City will assess each application against the policy.

Once a mobile food vehicle is approved, it may operate in the approved location(s) for the duration of the permit period. An approved mobile food vehicle operator may be issued a three month, six month or 12 month permit. The City charges an application fee of $50 or $30 renewal fee.

For more information please see:

 If you have any other queries you could also contact the Economic Development Officer on 9272 0616 or email econ.dev@bayswater.wa.gov.au  



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