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City Of Bayswater

Council Meetings

Committee Meetings

Committee meetings provide the opportunity for Elected Members to be informed, make recommendations to Council and seek additional information as required prior to making the final decision at the next Ordinary Council Meeting.

The City has two standing committees:

  • Planning & Development Services and Administration & Community Services Committee
  • Technical Services and Finance and Personnel Committee

 Neither of the committees has any delegated authority so they can only make recommendations to Council where the final decision is made. The committees are open to the public but will be closed to the public in order to receive deputations or consider confidential matters.

Committee meetings commence at 7:00pm

Councillor Representation on Committees


In accordance with the City of Bayswater Standing Orders Local Law 2013 clause 5.8, any person wishing to be received as a deputation shall apply orally or in writing to the Chief Executive Officer for approval, setting out the subject matter to be raised by the deputation in concise terms, but in sufficient detail to enable the Committee to have a general understanding of the purpose of the deputation.

Council Meetings

Council decisions are made at Ordinary Council Meetings and Special Council Meetings.

Council meetings follow a formal written agenda, which sets out the order and details of the business to be discussed.  A large part of council meetings is taken up with discussion and deciding upon recommendations from committee meetings.

Members of the public are welcome to attend council meetings but are not permitted to take part in debate.  Council meetings are closed to the public to discuss confidential matters  as listed in the agenda

Ordinary Council Meetings

Ordinary Meetings of Council are held monthly. Please refer to the meeting schedule for meeting dates.

Meeting Dates - 2015

Meeting Dates - 2014

Special Council Meetings

Special Meetings of Council are held as and when required and dates are advised by Public Notice prior to the meeting.

Public Question Time

All members of the community have a legislative right to ask questions at council meetings.  The City encourages public participation in the decision-making process.

Written and verbal questions pertaining to matters of business listed on the agenda for the Council meeting will be considered in the first instance, followed by questions not listed on the agenda. A verbal response will be provided at the meeting or a written response will be provided at a later date. 

Public Question Time Form 



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