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City Of Bayswater


The next Local Government Election is 21 October 2017.

Information about Local Government Elections:

The City of Bayswater is made up of eleven Councillors representing four Wards, including the Mayor and Deputy Mayor who are elected to the positions by the Council.

Local Government Elections are held every two years. At each Ordinary Election, at least half the City of Bayswater Councillors are elected for a term of four years. A Mayor and Deputy Mayor are voted into office by Elected Members at a special meeting of Council, held the first Monday post election, for a two year term.

Ward Information

To see which ward your are located in check out the following link

Further Information:

Further information on Local Government Elections may be obtained from the "Department of Local Government" website or from the WA Electoral Commission's website. The following links takes you to the Department of Local Government Elections Overview and the information page of the WA Electoral Commission.

Department of Local Government:


WA - Electoral Commission

WALGA Webinar for Prospective Elected Members

The WALGA webinar for prospective Elected Members can be accessed on the WALGA Training Website at http://bit.ly/1UNdeeP and in addition, answers to the questions asked during/after the webinar are available to read at http://bit.ly/1K0WJbQ

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