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Activating Art in Maylands

Posted on June 30, 2017

Art is at the heart of every thriving City and a big part of a new Activation Plan that the City of Bayswater has just adopted for Maylands.

As part of this the City is sponsoring the 'SixZeroFiveOne' exhibition; a collaboration between Studio 281 and numerous talented local artists, whose work is featured in and around the suburb.

The exhibition presents a unique stage for local artists and promotes the growth of art in Maylands through unrestricted creative expression. It provides audiences with the opportunity to experience first-hand the possibilities contemporary art has to offer.

"Art is a very important part of the City of Bayswater," Mayor Barry McKenna said.

"It's about joy - it brings public spaces to life and is tied into a community's sense of place.

"Part of the Maylands Town Centre Place Activation Plan is to significantly build our identity through art, which we believe is one of this suburbs great strengths."

The SixZeroFiveOne group art exhibition will be on show from July 1-12 following the launch of the Activation Plan for the town centre by the City.
The exhibition will be held at Studio 281, 281 Guildford Road in Maylands.

To find out more visit studio281.com.au

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