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Funding supports students and their families

Posted on November 11, 2016
A $40,000 grant to YouthCARE from the City of Bayswater is helping to fund a wide range of support services to students at local primary and high schools.

Mayor Barry McKenna said the grant goes toward funding YouthCARE's school chaplaincy service that includes such initiatives as an active breakfast club programme.

"Figures suggest up to one in seven Aussie kids arrive at school each day without having breakfast," Mayor McKenna said.

"When kids are hungry it takes a toll on energy levels and the ability of children to concentrate in the classroom really suffers.

"That's a real problem for many schools and it is one of the areas where the YouthCARE school chaplaincy service is actively working to make a real difference."

During the first school semester of 2016, YouthCARE's breakfast clubs within the City of Bayswater served 4,216 meals to students in four schools. Across the State, that figure leaps to a massive 125,000 meals in 160 schools.

"There is a lot of financial pressure on battling families at the moment, with budgets cut to the bone; add in the fact we all lead increasingly chaotic lives and the need for services such as the breakfast clubs become increasingly evident," Mayor McKenna said.

In addition to providing students with breakfast, YouthCARE's breakfast clubs provide an opportunity for students to socialise and build friendships.

"Assisting students and their families is what YouthCARE is all about and that's why the City has continued to support their work for the past 15 years," Mayor McKenna added.

The City of Bayswater has provided funding support for the work of YouthCARE in schools since 2001.

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