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Dog Fountains Make for Happy Puppies

Posted on June 22, 2017

Our furry friends will now have the chance to 'catch up' over the water cooler thanks to four new 'doggy fountains' recently installed by the City of Bayswater.


The fountains, which can be found in Arbor Park, Claughton Reserve, Weld Square and Broun Park, feature a pivot style dog bowl attachment which can be emptied to make sure pups always have fresh water.


The water is constantly circulated and filtered in the fountains so water stays clean and fresh.


An additional fountain will also be installed at Strutt Way Reserve, and more will be rolled out as budgets allow in the next financial year.


Council resolved to install dog fountains last May at all dog exercise areas that are larger than two hectares.


Fountains already exist at De Lacey Reserve, Pat O'Hara Reserve, Beaufort Park, Lower Hillcrest, Upper Hillcrest, Emerson Reserve, Waltham Reserve, Elstead Reserve, Halliday Park, Maylands Golf Course and the Embleton Golf Course.


"Dogs are lapping up these new fountains and who doesn't want to pamper their pooch?" Mayor Barry McKenna said.


"The conveniently located new drinking fountains ensure dogs remain hydrated on hot summer days and take the stress out of searching for fresh water when out on a walk or run.


"The City is constantly looking at ways to get people outdoors and enjoy our beautiful 'Garden City' lifestyle. So it's a win win."


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