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Councillor's Column - Archived

Heritage Inventory is taking Shape

Posted on May 26, 2017

The City's current Municipal Inventory of Heritage Places has 253 entries and its review is underway.

After an initial assessment of the submissions received from the community, our consultants believe that an additional 46 individual places and five areas could be considered for inclusion.

The next step will be to prepare the draft Municipal Inventory of Heritage Places for consideration by our Heritage Advisory Committee and Council. Should Council support the draft inventory, it will then be formally advertised to the community for further comment before being considered for adoption.

Heritage buildings and places are important as they represent a link to the past and they help to anchor us in the present; explaining how we got here and why we have developed in the way we have. So they provide context for the way we live our lives. Our history and heritage also contributes to our sense of place and identity as a community. That is key, because it promotes social cohesion and a feeling of belonging to a unique and special place.

Our heritage, history and our city's special character really matter.

Councillor Dan Bull

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