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Welcome to the Councillor's Message, which appears weekly in the local community newspaper and on the City's web site.

The Councillors use the weekly message to provide the community with updates on the City's many initiatives, projects and programs.

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Triathlon around Australia

Posted on August 26, 2015

The City is gearing up for its very first virtual Triathlon around Australia competition which will be held at Bayswater Waves and The RISE.

Competitors will have an opportunity to run, cycle and swim a colossal 15,600 kilometres, which is the distance equivalent of travelling around Australia.

Members and casual users can take full advantage of this exciting event and the benefits from this initiative are boundless not only for your physical health but also your mental wellbeing. It's also an excellent opportunity to socialise.

High profile triathlete Matt Burdan, who has the distinction of winning the U23 Triathlon World Championship, will also be involved with the program.

The event will start in September so don't miss out on winning some amazing prizes.

Give our friendly staff a call at either Bayswater Waves on 9276 6538 or The RISE on 9208 2400.

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