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City a Buzz with new Beehive Rules

Posted on January 13, 2017
Urban beekeepers may soon be able to keep hives on public land if a new trial by the City of Bayswater proves successful.

Mayor McKenna said the City is working closely with the Western Australian Apiarists' Society to ascertain appropriate locations and approaches to the trialling of beehives on public land.

"In recent years there has been a decline in the bee population worldwide as a result of the overuse of pesticides and colony collapse."

"Urban bee keeping is not only beneficial to the future of bees but also helps support the pollination of community and residential gardens and protects future food production."

"The trial will enable us to address any potential safety concerns community members may have prior to the adoption of a formal guideline."

"When bees swarm they are most unlikely to sting, so despite their appearance, people should not fear them, just treat them with respect."

"The City is committed to meeting with representatives of the Apiarists' Society to identify potential trial locations with a view to developing new guidelines surrounding the keeping of bee hives on public land. This is part of Council's commitment to reducing red tape."

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