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Mozzie busting team in action

Posted on February 24, 2017
Recent heavy rains and high water levels in the Swan River have combined to provide mosquitoes with ideal breeding conditions in foreshore wetland areas.

Mayor Barry McKenna said the City's Mosquito Control Unit was already in action to treat breeding areas to reduce the nuisance posed by increased numbers of these insects.

"Our Mosquito Control Unit has been active since the start of the mozzie breeding season and is already acting to tackle the spike in numbers we're likely to see following the unseasonable rain and high tides we've experienced," said Mayor McKenna.

"That includes using specialised equipment such as our amphibious all-terrain vehicle to get to difficult to reach areas that would otherwise be hard to treat."

Mayor McKenna described the vehicle as a serious and effective piece of kit when it comes to reducing mozzie numbers.

"The six-wheel drive vehicle's flexibility means we can treat more potential breeding sites."

As part of coordinated efforts to control mosquito numbers, the City is also working closely with neighbouring local governments.

"That's an important part of protecting our residents, as these biting insects don't recognise local government boundaries," Mayor McKenna said.

The City of Bayswater looks after approximately 10 kilometres of Swan River foreshore, which includes many wetland areas that have the potential for mosquito breeding.


Notes to Editors:

Mosquitoes can carry some debilitating diseases, including Ross River Virus. Here are some simple measures that residents can take to help protect themselves:
• avoid areas where mosquitoes are most active
• cover up and wear loose fitting clothing
• apply a personal insect repellent
• ensure insect screens in your home are in good repair
• remove or treat breeding sites around the home - mosquitoes really love stagnant water.
For more information, call the City's Environmental Health Section on 9272 0622 or visit the City's website www.bayswater.wa.gov.au


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