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MR Maylands Lakes pilots floating wetlands

Posted on June 02, 2017

The City of Bayswater will trial floating wetlands in a bid to reduce nutrient levels in the Brickworks Lake in Maylands.

The trial follows the City's adoption of a management plan costed at $1,659,000 over the next two years that would see the rehabilitation of the Maylands Lakes. The approach is supported by the Friends of Maylands Lakes (FOML) and would address issues of poor water quality and algal blooms.

Mayor Barry McKenna has high hopes for the trial which would see the construction of a modular style raft made out of durable plastic and covered with native sedges. The raft or floating reed bed would be anchored to the lake floor using mooring blocks.

"This innovative approach to tackling water quality issues is particularly worthwhile as it is both cost effective and has a minimal impact on the environment during installation.

"The floating wetlands, with their submerged root systems, are highly effective at stripping nutrients and other pollutants from the water.

"The floating wetlands are also extremely flexible, as extra 'modules' can easily be clicked together to cover a greater surface area if necessary. This is particularly useful as they can be quickly deployed during big storms when nutrient levels spike rapidly.

"In addressing the water quality of the Maylands Lakes the proposed management plan includes a range of methods to strip nutrients from the water including pollutant traps on stormwater drains, revegetation, sediment removal, installation of solar pumps and community education."

The City will continue to monitor the nutrient levels to assess the effectiveness of the floating wetlands during the trial.


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