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Tour tells of town's transformation

Posted on September 28, 2017
Take a walk back in time to when milk was delivered to your door every day, butchers sold mince by the pound and the local deli was the place to buy fresh produce and catch up on all the neighbourhood gossip.

Funded by the City of Bayswater and organised by the Bayswater Historical Society the Rise and Fall of the Corner Store is a free guided walking tour offering insight into the transformation of the Bayswater town centre since the 1950s.

Bayswater Mayor Barry McKenna said the tour is a wonderful way for residents to experience what life was like years ago.

"The walking tour of Bayswater promises to give residents a real feel for what life was like from early settlement to the mid-20th century.

"The Bayswater town centre has experienced a remarkable transformation over the past 70 years.

"It is amazing to see how the uses of different buildings have transformed over the decades.

"The City is proud to fund this important pilot project as part of its commitment to the place activation of its town centres.

With the first tour already fully booked out, a second tour has been arranged for Saturday 21 October at 2.30pm, with participants' gathering at the Old Apostolic Church at 7 Slade Street. The group will take in the sights on Whatley Crescent, King William, Murray and Leake Streets before finishing up at the Bowls Club in Bayswater.

Actor Monica Main will greet participants in period clothes and invite them to accompany her on an animated tour of the Bayswater town centre. Together with local historian Linda Bullow the pair will discuss the architecture of each building, its previous uses and the role it played in the community.

Lynn Deering of the Bayswater Historical Society said there were significant changes to retailing in the 1950s.

"The role of the humble corner store during the 1950s can't be understated. It was the place to pick up some homemade produce and catch up with friends for a chat. Local retailers played an extremely important role in community life."

"In the 1950s the deli replaced grocery stores as the place to shop. Corner stores or local delis were complemented by a range of other retail shops including bakeries, butchers and milk bars. They created a sense of place for our community and brought people together.

"Milk Tooth on Whatley Crescent in Bayswater is a perfect example of how building uses have changed over time. Over the years it has functioned as a saddlery, grocery store, drapery, Manchester store and doctors surgery before its present day use as project space for children to explore art.

During the animated tour of the Bayswater town centre participants will be treated to some food and beverages from the era such as traditional lemonade, lollies and bakery treats.

For more information email bayswaterhs@gmail.com.au or phone 9271 3741 or search for the Rise and Fall of the Corner Store on the Eventbrite web page.


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