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City Of Bayswater

Governance and Executive Services Policies

Administration Centre Use by Professional Organisations Policy
Anniversary Recognitions Policy
Awarding of Contracts to Business Entities Closely Associated with Elected Members and Officers Policy
Caretaker Election Period Policy 
CCTV Management Policy
Community Engagement Policy 
Complaint Handling Policy 
Council Mobile Telephones - Conditions of Use Policy 
Council Vehicles - Conditions of Use Policy 
Deputations Policy 
Drugs and Alcohol Policy 
Elected Member Correspondence Policy
Elected Members - Access to Civic Centre and Requests Contacts with City Employees Policy 
Elected Members - Allowance Policy 
Elected Members Conference Attendance and Authorised Travel Policy 
Elected Members Issue of Stationery, Publications and Equipment Policy 
Employee Separation Payments Policy 
Equal Opportunity Policy 
Honorary Freeman of the City Policy  
Internet and Email Usage Policy
Legal Opinions Policy 
Lost Property - Council Facilities Policy 
Minimising Confidential Items Policy
Noise Induced Hearing Loss Policy 
Nomination of Designated Senior Officers Policy 
Nuclear Free Zone Policy 
Official Photograph of Council Policy 
Policy Development Policy 
Public Interest Disclosure Policy 
Public Relations Policy 
Recognition of Service by Retiring Elected Members Policy 
Senior Management Group Civic Allowance Policy
Smoking Within The Workplace Policy 
Staff Farewells and Presentations Policy
Use of City of Bayswater Common Seal Policy
Work Experience Policy
Workplace Health and Safety Policy

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