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The rates to be applied are determined by Council on the basis of raising the revenue required to balance the estimated expenditure after all other estimated revenue has been received for current and future requirements.

Your rates contribute towards:

• Public facilities and amenities: swimming pools, libraries, litter control, street lighting, parks, gardens and playgrounds
• Community services: recreational facilities, meals on wheels, aged care facilities, arts and events programs and the City's security service
• Infrastructure maintenance: roads, footpaths and bikeways
• Environmental health, planning and
• Many public works projects

The following rate in the dollar and minimum payment were adopted by Council for 2016/17.

Rating Category Rate in the Dollar  Minimum Payment 
GRV Residential 0.05116 $821 
GRV Residential Vacant Land  0.05116  $821 
GRV Commercial  0.05116  $821 
GRV Industrial  0.05116  $821 

All rates and charges are due 35 days after the date of issue. Under the Local Government Act 1995 Council is obliged to offer ratepayers the option of paying rates by four instalments. All ratepayers are offered these payment options.

The annual rate notice for 2016/17 was issued on the 13 July 2016

Payment Options Due Date 
Rates Prize Draw 3 August 2016
Full Payment  17 August 2016 
Two Instalments  17 August 2016
17 October 2016
Four Instalments  17 August 2016
17 October 2016
19 December 2016
20February 2017 

Rates Prize Incentive Draw

Pay your rates and charges in full by 3 August 2016 to be eligible to enter the City of Bayswater annual rates incentive prize draw.

38 fantastic prizes are to be won including a new Holden Spark, two holidays each valued at $2,500, performing arts tickets, gym memberships and various cash prizes.

Brochures included with the 2016/17 Annual Rates Notice

- Budget Bulletin
- Bayswater Waves and the RISE Brochure
- Avon Descent Brochure

Rates Enquires

The City’s Rating Services Team can be contacted by:
Telephone: 9272 0922
Email: rates@bayswater.gov.au

Frequently Asked Questions

How are your rates calculated?

Rates are calculated by multiplying a property’s Gross Rental Value (GRV) by the rate in the dollar set by Council. Gross Rental Value (GRV) is the fair rental value of the property as determined by the Valuer General’s Office.

Each year Council also sets a minimum charge based on the basic services provided by Council. If the calculation of the GRV by the rate in the dollar results in an amount less than the minimum charge, then the minimum charge will be raised.

Can I object to my property's valuation

If you feel that the valuation applied to your property is incorrect, you can lodge an objection with the Valuer General’s Office within 60 days of the date of issue of your rates notice.

For further information please contact the Valuer General’s Office on 9273 7373 or by email vs@landgate.wa.gov.au

Other Charges

Annual Rubbish Bin Charges - To cover the cost of the collections of the a weekly 240 litre general waste bin, the fortnightly 240 litre re-cycling bin and the fortnightly 240 litre green waste bin collection. This charge also includes the annual use of three bulk bins or three tip passes. Additional services are available if require, please contact the City's Waste Management Team on 9272 0605

Annual Rubbish Bin Charges

Domestic Service  $331.13 
Commercial / Industrial  $331.13 

 Additional Rubbish Bin Charges

Domestic Services  $159.24 
Domestic Recycling Service  $79.20 
Domestic Green Waste Service  $39.34 
Commercial Service  $159.24 
Commercial Recycling Service  $79.20
Commercial Green Waste Service  $39.34 

Swimming Pool / Outdoor Spa Inspection Fee - State Government legislation requires Council to conduct inspections of all private swimming pools and outdoor spa bath enclosures every four years. The inspection fee for this service is $14 per annum.

Emergency Service Levy (ESL) - This levy is charged to all property owners in Western Australia to fund fire and emergency services in the region. The City is required to collect this levy on behalf of the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) who then distribute the money to emergency services throughout the State. Further information about this charge can be found on the DFES website.

Interim Rates

Interim rates notices are issued throughout the year.

When there are changes to your property that affect its valuation, the City receives advice of the new valuation and an effective date for that valuation from the Valuer General. From this information an interim rates notice is issued.

Examples of when your valuation would be amended:

• A new building has been built
• There have been improvements to the existing building
• A existing building has been demolished
• A swimming pool / outdoor spa has been installed
• Subdivision / Amalgamation of lots
• Addition or reduction in rubbish bin collections

Payment Options

For your convenience Rates Notices can be paid using any of the following:

Credit Card (Mastercard/ Visa only)

• By Phone - 1300 207 8111
• Online at www.bayswater.wa.gov.au    
Credit card minimum payment is $5.00 and maximum payment is $100,000.
A surcharge of 0.4% will apply to credit card payments by VISA or Mastercard


• Call your financial institution or visit their website to make a payment from your nominated bank account. Please quote Biller Code 2667 and your Reference Number.
BPay minimum payment is $5.00 and maximum payment is $100,000.

​Direct Debit

• Pay your Rates account automatically from a nominated bank account. Please complete the Direct Debit Request Form

By Mail

• Cheque or money order payments are made payable to City of Bayswater. Mail with payment slip to City of Bayswater, PO Box 467, Morley WA 6943

Australia Post

• Payment can be made at any Australia Post office by presenting your rates notice.

Customer Service Centres

• In person at one of the City's customer Service Centres. Payment can be made by cash, cheque, EFTPOS or credit card (minimum payment is $5.00, maximum payment is $100,000; a surcharge of 0.4% will apply to credit card payments by Visa or Mastercard)

Customer Service Centres

Customer Service Centre  Address  Opening Hours 
City of Bayswater Civic Centre  61 Broun Avenue, Morley Mon-Fri 8:30am to 4:30pm
Max Tulley Information Office Centro Galleria, Morley  Mon-Fri 9:00am to 4:30pm 
The Rise One Stop Shop 28 Eighth Avenue, Maylands  Mon-Fri 10:00am to 2:00pm 

The City accepts no responsibility for correspondence / payments not being received or being received after the due dates.

Payment Arrangements

Ratepayers experience difficulties in paying their rates by the due date an alternative payment arrangement can be set up for weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments. Please contact Council’s Rating Service's Team in order to arrange an alternative payment arrangement.

A payment arrangement set up fee of $22.00 will be charged to the rates account and penalty interest will continue to accrue at 11% per annum, calculated daily, until the outstanding amount is paid in full.

All payment arrangements will be subject to approval by Council. Written notification will be issued once the payment arrangement has been accepted.

Register for eRates

To receive your annual and instalment rate notices by email, complete and return the eRates Registration Form.

By registering for eRates, you have agreed to the Terms and Conditions of eRates.

Note: The registration for erates is NOT a notification to the City of a change of postal address. If you wish to change your postal address please complete the Change of Address Form

Update your eRates email address

Complete and return the eRates Registration Form again. The new eRates registration will overwrite the existing details.

Cancel your eRates registration

If you wish to stop receiving your rates notices by email, please contact the Rating Service's Team.

Change of Postal Address Details

It is the property owner's responsibility to ensure that Council has the correct postal address for service of notices. To advise Council of your new postal address details, please complete the Change of Address Form and return to Council.

Pensioner / Senior Concessions

Pensioners / Seniors who meet the eligibility criteria set out under the Rates and Charges (Rebates and Deferments) Act 1992 may qualify for a concession on Council Rates and the Emergency Service Levy.

Concession eligibility criteria:

• Hold an appropriate Pensioner or WA Seniors Card and
• On 1 July of the current financial year own and occupy the property as your ordinary place of residence

WA Seniors Card (SC)

• Entitled to receive up to a 25% rebate on your local government rates and emergency services levy.
• The rebate will be limited to a maximum (capped) amount set by the State Government
• The deferment option is not available.

WA Seniors Card (SC) and a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card (CSHC)

• Entitled to receive up to a 50% rebate on your local government rates and emergency services levy.
• The rebate will be limited to a maximum (capped) amount set by the State Government.
• May be entitled to defer your local government rates and emergency services levy.

Pensioner Concession Card (PCC) or State Concession Card (SCC)

• Entitled to receive up to a 50% rebate on your local government rates and emergency services levy.
• The rebate will be limited to a maximum (capped) amount set by the State Government
• May be entitled to defer your local government rates and emergency services levy.

Pensioner and senior card holders must lodge an application with the Water Corporation at www.watercorporation.com.au or by telephone on 13 13 85. A copy of the completed application will be forwarded to Council and processed accordingly.

If eligible the pensioner/senior concession will only apply from the date your application is received by Water Corporation.

Important information about pensioner/senior concessions

Pensioner/Senior concession applies only to rates and the emergency services levy. Rubbish charges and other levies must be paid in full by the due date.

You are required to notify Council if you cease to be an entitled pensioner or senior. Any person who remains registered as an entitled pensioner or senior knowing that they are no longer qualified to be registered commits an offence, which carries a penalty of $1,000.

Some changes which may affect your entitlement to the concession are:

• Your pension type has changed
• You have sold the property
• You have moved to another address
• Your Pensioner Card / WA Senior Card / State Concession Card or Commonwealth Seniors Health Card has been cancelled cancelled
• The Certificate of Title for your property has been amended.

Change of property ownership

Under the provisions of the Local Government Act 1995, when a person (whether as principal or agent) sells or disposes of land, the owner/agent must advise Council in writing within 21 days of the change of ownership, giving full details of the purchaser.

Copy of a Rate Notice

If you require a copy of your current and/or previous annual, instalment, interim or final notice a fee of $20.00 per notice will apply. This is required to be paid before the notice(s) will be issued.

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