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This section provides information on requirements for demolition of buildings or part of buildings.


Demolition is where all or part of a building is removed and the area of the building exceeds 40m2 and does not form part of a Building Permit in relation to renovations or additions. Removal can be for proposed development or additions to an existing building. As a land-owner you have a statutory obligation to advise the City of any additions or alterations to a building where no exemption applies.

All demolition applications require the following:

- Site plan at a scale of no less than 1:200 showing the lot size and location of all buildings, with the building(s) to be demolished clearly defined. 
-  Application form to be signed by the applicant and owner 
-  Where the demolition is required under WorkSafe to be carried out by a licensed contractor, the registration number of the contractor needs to be included.

Licensed contractor

Under WorkSafe legislation, a licensed contractor is necessary when there is asbestos on site or because of the size of the demolition.


A demolition permit is required for all demolitions where asbestos is present

Verge damage bond

All demolition applications require a verge damage bond deposit to be paid. Please refer to the City's Building Services Fees and Charges Information Sheet.

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