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Municipal Heritage Inventory & Scheme List

8 - What incentives does the City have to assist owners in retaining, restoring and/or conserving their heritage listed properties?


The City has introduced incentives to assist owners of properties included on the City’s Heritage List.

These incentives include:
• Waiving of Planning and Building Fees;
• Flexible application of Statutory Requirements;
• Heritage Awards; and
• Heritage Grants.

Please refer to the heritage policies (link to heritage policies webpage) in relation to each of these incentives for detailed information on each. The City considers these incentives to be an essential part of heritage conservation within the City.

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Copies of the Municipal Inventory are available for inspection at the location below:
• Civic Centre, 61 Broun Avenue, Morley
• Max Tulley Office & Information Centre, Galleria Shopping Centre, Morley
• Bayswater Public Library, 25 King William Street, Bayswater
• Morley Public Library, 7 Dewar Street, Morley
• Maylands Public Library, The RISE 28 Eighth Avenue, Maylands
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