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City Of Bayswater

Municipal Heritage Inventory & Scheme List

9 - What other types of heritage lists are there within Australia?


There are a few different types of heritage lists within Australia, all of which carry different implications and weight.

At a Federal Government level, the Australian Heritage Commission maintains the Register of the National Estate. The National Trust of Australia (WA) has a list of classified places and while this classification has no legal implications, it may carry a moral influence.

At a State government level, the Heritage Council of WA maintains the State Register of Heritage Places. The State Register is a list of places that warrant the highest level of protection under the Heritage Act. The City of Bayswater has ten (10) properties on the State Register of Heritage Places, including:
• Albany Bell Castle
• Albany Bell Hatchery
• Halliday House
• Former Maylands Aerodrome
• Maylands Brickworks
• Maylands Parcel Office
• Maylands Primary School
• Peninsula Hotel
• Royal WA Institute for the Blind (former)
• Tranby House

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Copies of the Municipal Inventory are available for inspection at the location below:
• Civic Centre, 61 Broun Avenue, Morley
• Max Tulley Office & Information Centre, Galleria Shopping Centre, Morley
• Bayswater Public Library, 25 King William Street, Bayswater
• Morley Public Library, 7 Dewar Street, Morley
• Maylands Public Library, The RISE 28 Eighth Avenue, Maylands
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