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Planning Approvals

Planning Approval Procedure and Requirements

A person proposing any form of development is required to make an application to Council for planning approval before obtaining a building licence or commencing operation of a use.

Is Planning Approval Required?

Generally a planning application to the Council will be required when:

  • there is a requirement under a town planning scheme for a planning application to be made
  • one or more requirements of the codes are not met

In the City of Bayswater, Single House developments generally do not require Planning Approval under the Scheme. However as all residential development is required to comply with the Codes, where they do not, and the development is seeking discretion under the codes, an application shall be made in accordance with the Codes Approval Application Form.

The City of Bayswater is committed to streamlining the planning approval process wherever possible, therefore it is suggested that the following steps are followed.

Step 1

As good design begins with a clear understanding of the site and its immediate surroundings, applicants are encouraged to prepare a site analysis plan in accordance with the R Codes. This along with a sketch proposal may be discussed with Council’s Planning Officers prior to a detailed planning application being submitted

NOTE: Information provided at the Counter is general and a full and complete assessment will only be undertaken on submission of a completed planning application or building licence

Step 2

In the interest of good neighbour relation the Codes encourage consultation with neighbours regarding any proposed development, particularly where such development has the potential to adversely effect an adjoining property.

Step 3

For Council submission of your application, full and accurate documentation and plans of the proposal should be provided which clearly represents the intended development.

For full details of the required documentation see Information to be Submitted with a Planning Application.

Following the above steps will avoid unnecessary delays in processing the application.

The Application Process

Upon receipt of a planning application, one of Council’s Planning Officers will undertake an assessment of the proposed development. Further information will be sought where necessary.

If the proposal complies with all aspects of the Council’s Town Planning Scheme and Policies and any other relevant Policy or Act of the State Government, approval may be issued under delegated authority.

Where a proposed development varies from any of these Schemes, policies or regulations, the proposal must be submitted to Council for consideration. Council holds meetings at the end of each month, however for an application to be considered in this monthly meeting, it must meet the agenda deadline. Please contact the City’s Planning Officers for further information on meeting and agenda dates.

In considering an application for planning approval, the Council may grant approval, with or with such conditions as it considers necessary or refuse to grant its approval. The applicant has a right of appeal against any decision of refusal or any condition imposed on a planning approval.

Further Information

Prior the submission of a planning application, applicants are encouraged to discuss the proposal with Council’s Planning Officers. Please contact Council’s Planning and Development Services for further information.
Phone: (08) 9272 0622
Fax: (08) 9272 0665
e-mail: mail@bayswater.wa.gov.au  
web: www.bayswater.wa.gov.au

What Information is Required with the Planning Application?

Council requires the following information to be submitted with a planning application:

1. A completed Metropolitan Region Scheme Form 1, signed by the owner of the land.
2. The Planning Application fee. Contact Council’s Planning Officers for details on planning fees.
3. Any information or details on the nature of the proposed use.
4. Three copies of a site plan to a scale of 1:500 or less showing the following information:

a) The position, type and use of all new and/or existing buildings and improvements on the land, including those buildings proposed to be demolished;
b) The use to be made of the land and the portions of the existing buildings;
c) The location and layout for all existing and proposed car parking spaces, driveways and crossovers;
d) The location and dimensions of any areas proposed to be provided for the loading and unloading of vehicles;
e) The location and means of access to bin areas (if required);
f) The location, dimensions and design of landscaped areas and the nature of the landscaping; and
g) Contours and any earthworks to be undertaken as a part of the development, including details on finished floor levels.

5. Three copies of a scaled floor plan of the proposed/ existing building/s.
6. Three copies of the scaled elevations of the proposed/existing building/s.
7. Any supporting information, including justifications for the proposal, letters of adjoining owner support etc. 

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