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Local Housing Strategy

The City of Bayswater Local Housing Strategy was developed in consultation with the community in order to address changing residential preferences and patterns within the City of Bayswater. At its Ordinary Meeting on 22 May 2012 Council adopted the Local Housing Strategy.

The purpose of the Local Housing Strategy is to establish a strategic framework to guide and provide for the City of Bayswater’s current and future housing needs.

The Strategy is important because:

• Perth’s population is expected to more than double to 3.5million people by 2050 and around 650,000 new homes will be required to accommodate Perth’s population growth;
• Housing affordability is a growing problem across the Perth Metropolitan Area;
• Our community is changing with less people living in each house and an ageing population; and
• There is a need for a mix of housing choices to suit the City’s changing population.

The Local Housing Strategy will guide future decision making, particularly for changes to town planning schemes, rezonings, policies or major development proposals.

Extensive research was undertaken on relevant issues to develop a Strategy that is relevant for our local area.

The key objectives of the Strategy are to:

1. Provide a strategic direction for Council, developers and the community in relation to residential densities and housing issues in the City;
2. Facilitate a mix of housing choices to accommodate all ages and diverse lifestyles; and
3. Identify locations which have the capacity to accommodate population growth and change.

The Strategy identifies several ‘Focus Areas for Change’ as being suitable areas for increased residential development, with minimal change to the planning framework outside of these areas.  

Please click here to view the Local Housing Strategy.
Please click here to view a Local Housing Strategy Brochure.

For further information regarding the Local Housing Strategy please contact the City of Bayswater - Strategic Planning Projects on: (08) 9272 0649

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