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Morley Activity Centre Plan

"Imagine Morley in 2031 - A vibrant place to visit, a dynamic marketplace to do business, and home to a diverse and connected community."

Progress Street 

"The Morley City Centre will grow into a lively and bustling place for business and shopping, with a vibrant community life. The City Centre will be home to over 10,000 people and 10,000 jobs and will become the City of Bayswater’s social, economic and civic centre".

This is the vision captured in the draft Morley Activity Centre Structure Plan and follows on from the 2010 Morley City Centre Masterplan


The Morley City Centre has been highlighted as a key strategic centre by the State Government and a top priority for the City of Bayswater to develop Morley into an attractive, vibrant and well connected centre to live, work and play.

The Morley Activity Centre Structure Plan guides planning for future development within the Morley City Centre and promotes a high quality urban environment to ensure that Morley thrives in the future. The Structure Plan provides planning and development requirements including allowable land uses, residential density, building height and parking standards.

The Structure Plan aims to build upon the strengths already present in the City Centre and promotes an improved street interface with the Galleria Shopping Centre; Progress Street as the Centre's 'mainstreet'; and an enhanced Morley Bus Station with even greater efficiency and convenience. New features include quality apartment developments; a 'city park' as a community gathering place; and an urban piazza surrounded by alfresco dining.


Council, at its Committee Meeting of 21 March 2017 adopted the modified Morley Activity Centre Structure Plan as a Strategic planning document. The Western Australian Planning Commission granted final approval to the Morley Activity Centre Plan on the 31 July 2018

A full version of the approved Activity Centre Plan can be viewed in the link below  

Morley Activity Centre Plan 

Please contact Strategic Planning for more information on the Morley Activity Centre Plan by Phone 9272 0649 or via email to mail@bayswater.wa.gov.au.

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