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 Want to meet new people and visit new places? Participate in a fun activity that helps the environment and is great for your health? Come along for a day or become a member of a friends group? Then check out the environmental activities that the City of Bayswater is involved in.

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Good water quality relies on a healthy catchment. A key to this is the restoration of creeks, bushlands and wetlands undertaken by dedicated members of our community. The City helps support groups with these activities through financial support and officer time.

To receive notices about weeding and planting days, contact the Friends Group's below.

Baigup Wetland Interest Group

About: Our aim is to see Baigup Wetland Reserve protected and preserved into the future as a valuable natural resource for wildlife, the health of the Swan River and for human recreation, wellbeing and education. Baigup Wetland is an approximately 20 ha Bush Forever site on the Swan River. It stretches about 1km from Garrett Road Bridge in Bayswater to Kelvin Street in Maylands. A sealed dual purpose walkway/cycle path provides easy access. Two constructed lakes provide permanent water for over 80 species of birds officially identified in and around the area since 2012. Extensive sedge plains along the shoreline represent the rapidly diminishing Coastal Saltmarsh Threatened Ecological Community in WA.

Contact: Penny Lee at baigup@iinet.net.au  

Website: Baigup Wetland Interest Group Website

Facebook: Baigup Wetland Interest Group Facebook

Baigup Wetland

Friends of Claughton Reserve

About: The Friends of Claughton Reserve is a local community organisation interested in enhancing the social and environmental values of Claughton Reserve.

Contact: Connie van den Ende at connie_noel@westnet.com.au

Claughton Reserve

Friends of Gobba Lake

About: Gobba Lake is situated on the corner of Wyatt Road and Wright Crescent in Bayswater and is approximately 1.7 hectares in area. The lake is important as it is a remnant clay pit of the earliest industry in Bayswater, “Walkenden’s Brickworks”, which was established in 1887. The Friends of Gobba Lake helped to reconstruct the lake as a habitat for wetland flora and fauna and create a local public open space for eco-recreational use in Bayswater.

Contact: Joan Sidebottom at whsidey@gmail.com

Website: Gobba Lake Information

Gobba Lake

Friends of Lightning Swamp Bushland

About: Lightning Swamp Bushland is a 71-hectare A-class reserve located 12Kms North-East of Perth in the suburb of Noranda. It is bound by Reid Highway, Malaga Drive and Matthews Close in Noranda. The Friends of Lightning Swamp Bushland was formed in 2000. The group holds community involvement activities such as planting in June and July, weeding and rubbish collection at various times of the year. The committee meets on the last Friday of every month, excepting December and January.

Contact: John Williams on 9275 7338

Website: Friends of Lightning Swamp Bushland Website

Lightning Swamp Information 

Lightning Swamp

Friends of Maylands Lakes

About: The Friends of Maylands Lakes are a new group that has formed to help with the restoration of Lake Bungana and Lake Brearley and the surrounding environment, to support desirable flora/fauna and preserve the aesthetic amenity for the Maylands residents, as well as visitors.

Contact:  Margaret at mlandre@bigpond.com

Website: www.friendsofmaylandslakes.org

Maylands lakes

Friends of Maylands Samphires

About: A special salt marsh and samphire conservation area is on the river's edge at Clarkson Reserve, Maylands. The Friends of Maylands Samphires have been helping to remove weeds and allow these tough salt tolerant plants to regenerate. Salt marshes help filter out pollutants and nutrients and provide a wonderful habitat for all kinds of birds.

Contact: Jo Bower at Environment House on 9271 4488 or shop@envirohouse.org.au  

Website: Friends of Maylands Samphires

Maylads Samphires

Friends of Swan Lake

About: Swan Lake has been significantly modified from the original wetland that used to exist before urban development, and consequently used to experience many issues including algal blooms and the presence of dryland and aquatic weeds. The Friends of Swan Lake have been rehabilitating the lake, to improve water quality and planting a native garden that has seen the bird life return to the area.

Contact: Marlene at fosl6053@gmail.com

Swan Lake

Bayswater Urban Tree Network

About: BUTN is a local community group promoting the benefits of urban trees in the City of Bayswater.

Contact: bayswaterutn@gmail.com

Bayswater Urban Tree Network

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