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Bungana, Brearley and Brickworks

As you may be aware, the water quality at Lake Bungana and Lake Brearley is currently poor with both lakes experiencing algal blooms resulting in the need to turn off the existing fountains.

As you may be aware, starting in 2015, the City undertook a 12 month water quality study and commissioned an environmental consultant to review the data for the Maylands Lakes. The environmental report findings including recommended short and long term options will be available shortly on this webpage.

A copy of the Council Report, Item 12.1.5 - Proposed Management Options for Maylands Lakes can be viewed at http://www.bayswater.wa.gov.au/cproot/4509/2/ocm-mins-28042015.pdf

Community Information Session - The information session was held on the 24 October 2016

Community Questions and Answer - This running Q&A form will capture the questions received by the City from our community and the answers will be developed by City officers.

Question Form - If you have any further queries, please complete this form and email it to mail@bayswater.wa.gov.au

Lake Bungana, Lake Brearley & Brickworks Lake, Maylands - Management Options Report - The City of Bayswater engaged Essential Environmental to review the results of the City’s 2015-2016 lake monitoring program to identify short term and long term management options to improve the water quality and environmental health of the lakes.

Information Session PowerPoint Presentation

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