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Bungana, Brearley and Brickworks

As you may be aware, the water quality at Lake Bungana and Lake Brearley is currently poor with both lakes experiencing algal blooms.

Over the last year the City has worked implementing a number of short term actions to address these water quality challenges, including works to enable the fountains to the turned on, and a system to help oxygenate the Brickworks Lake.

Poor water quality drivers and solutions.

Commencing in 2015, the City undertook a 12 month water quality study and commissioned an environmental consultant to review the data for the Maylands Lakes. The environmental report findings recommended short and long term options. This report can be found at:

Lake Bungana, Lake Brearley & Brickworks Lake, Maylands - Management Options Report -

On the 24 October 2016, an information session was held to share the findings of this report. The presentation and FAQ from this presentation can be found as follows:  

Information Session PowerPoint Presentation

Council Items

A copy of relevant Council Reports can be found at

24 January 2018 - CTFC Committee
22 March 2017 - CTFC Committee
15 November 2017 - Ordinary Council Meeting
28 April 2015 - Ordinary Council Meeting

Phoslock application

The application of phoslock to the three lakes will commence on Monday, 19 February 2018, and will be implemented over approximately one week.

The Phoslock will be applied to the lakes by boat and from the edge of the lake by hose. The clay has a white colour and this intern will give the lakes a milky colour for approximately 1-2 weeks as the clay settles through to the bottom of the lakes. This process binds phosphorous from the water column and will help to minimise re-release of phosphorous from the sediment back into the water column.

Phoslock 1  Phoslock 2

Phoslock Information

Letter to Residents

Examples of Phoslock applications in Perth

Swan and Canning River (WATODAY)
Swan and Canning River (Government of Western Australia)
Narrows Lakes (Phoslock Water Solutions)

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