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City Of Bayswater

Environmental Policy and Management

The City of Bayswater is actively involved in a range of sustainability and natural area management activities relating to:

• Greenhouse gas emissions and climate change;
• Waste and recycling;
• Biodiversity;
• Bushland, foreshore and wetlands management;
• Parks and street scaping;
• Catchment management;
• Air quality;
• Pollution control;
• Contaminated sites;
• Acid sulphate soils; and
• Water resource management.

With such a large number and range of environmental initiatives it is important that the environmental issues are managed not only where the rubber hits the road, but also at a strategic level.

At the highest level, the City's key environmental strategies are identified in the City's Corporate Business plan. Additional strategies which support this plan includes:

• A local Environmental Strategy,
• Local natural area management and master plans,
• The BBB Biodiversity Strategy
• A water Efficiency Action Plan
• Carbon and Climate change adaption strategies
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