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City Of Bayswater

Asbestos Information

The Environmental Health Section responds to many queries from residents about how to handle and manage asbestos in the home. Houses constructed before 1988 are more likely to have asbestos somewhere in the building due to the widespread use of asbestos as a building and fencing material during that time.

Due to the potential impact on personal and public health, it is important that residents are aware of how to handle and dispose of asbestos correctly. It should be noted that exposure to asbestos most commonly occurs now from household renovations and demolitions.

If you wish to read more on asbestos please see the link below to the Department of Health website.

Department of Health - Asbestos Removal

Alternatively if you have any queries or concerns in regards to asbestos please call the City of Bayswater Environmental Health Section on 9272 0648.


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