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European Wasps

Do you know the difference between these two wasps?

Summer is now here and you will be seeing more wasps in your gardens. The pictures will help you distinguish between a normal Paper wasp and the more concerning European wasp but at a glance there are two main differences:-

European Wasp

European wasp - BLACK antenna and legs pulled into body during flight

Yellow Paper Wasp

Paper waspORANGE/BROWN antenna and legs hang down during flight

European wasps are an exotic pest established in the Eastern States but are not yet established here in Western Australia and we want to keep it that way. Many people ask why European wasps are pests and why we need to be vigilant in looking out for them.

European wasps attack bees and bee hives, robbing the hives of honey and sometimes completely destroying hives and also damage soft fruits, cause environmental damage through direct predation on native insects and compete with other species including birds.

They are also extremely aggressive, sting repeatedly with little or no provocation and if they do get established will seriously impact on our outdoor way of life by spoiling BBQs and alfresco dining.

Any sightings of black and yellow wasps settling on pet foods, fish or other meat products should be regarded as particularly suspicious and reported immediately to the Department Agriculture & Food on 1800 084 881.

Alternatively please call the City’s Environmental Health Section on 9272 0648 should you need any further advice.



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