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City Of Bayswater

Incinerators and Backyard Burning

The use of incinerators and backyard burning is not permitted in the City of Bayswater.

Burning off, either on the ground or in an incinerator, causes a smoke and ash nuisance affecting neighbours, pollution of the atmosphere and the risk of fire.

Burning off is unnecessary because Council supplies several services for residents to dispose of unwanted vegetation, recyclable materials, rubbish or refuse. Residents can deposit lawn and garden clippings, leaves and small branches into their brown lid greenwaste bin that is collected fortnightly by Cleanaway. Bins for general refuse and recyclable materials are also supplied.

Large quantities of materials and oversized items may be disposed of using Council’s bulk bin service or, alternatively, by obtaining tip passes from Council’s Environmental Health Section. More information can be found in the Refuse and Recycling and Waste Management Sections of this website.

Burning off is also an offence under the City of Bayswater Health Local Laws 2001 for which penalties ranging from $100 to $1000 apply:

“4.14 (1) A person shall not set fire to, or cause to be set on fire, any rubbish or refuse either in any incinerator, barbecue, wood-fired stove or on the ground.”

If you have any queries regarding burning off, or wish to order a bulk bin or obtain tip passes, please call the Environmental Health Section on 9272 0648.

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