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Dog Nuisance

Are you affected by nuisance dogs in your area?
The City of Bayswater can fully appreciate that a barking or nuisance dog can be disruptive however the treatment and solution for a nuisance dog can often be a lengthy and complex issue.

The majority of reports that are received by the City of Bayswater can see the complainant requesting immediate action. The reality is that dog nuisance complaints are sometimes difficult to resolve and therefore substantial evidence is required before enforcement action can be taken.

There are a number of reasons why Community Rangers request this evidence:

  1. Barking is very subjective, with many different interpretations how a dog nuisance is defined. The degree of annoyance often varies with the location of the dog, and the level of tolerance of the people affected.
  2. It is extremely difficult for investigating officers to collect reliable and permanent evidence of the frequency and loudness of a dogs barking.
  3. A barking complaint may in some cases be one aspect of a neighbourly dispute, and therefore the standard of evidence has to be of a high level and often takes time to gather.
  4. Dog owners are seldom bothered by their own dogs barking, and are often unaware that it is causing a nuisance to others. Some dog owners do not believe that their dog/s barks excessively. This is usually because the dog barks when the owners are out, and once they return home, the dog discontinues barking or it decreases to an acceptable level.

If you believe you are affected by a nuisance dog and wish to pursue the matter, please refer to our Dog Nuisance Pack - the pack contains a Letter to Neighbour template which we encourage you to use initially to make your neighbour aware that their dog is creating a nuisance. Also included is a Nuisance Dog Diary template and other useful information.

The laws relating to dog nuisances are prescribed under State legislation and Local Authorities are bound to follow that process, Section 38 of the Dog Act 1976.

I've provided the City of Bayswater with the complete Dog Nuisance Pack, what happens next?

Once you have returned your Dog Nuisance Diary, a Ranger will contact you to discuss the nuisance.

If after investigation, the dog is deemed to be a nuisance the owner will be issued with an order to 'Prevent a dog being a nuisance'. The order will be in effect for 6 months from the date of issue. Failure to comply with the order may result in a penalty being issued to the owner.

If you require further information, please contact Ranger Services on 9272 0972

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