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Parking Appeals

General Information - Parking

 A few simple tips will help you to avoid incurring a parking fine;

• Ensure that you carefully read and follow any parking signs, private parking, ACROD, time restrictions and loading zones.
• Refrain from parking in ‘No Stopping’ areas, ‘No Parking’ areas, ‘Loading Zones’, in ‘Bus Stops’ and bays or ‘Taxi Only’ bays.
• Do not park on a verge where signage prohibits the action, on verges without permission from the property owner, in bays for other types of vehicles (e.g. motorcycles, bicycles, taxis etc), in rights of way, in a way that obstructs a driveway or footpath or facing against the traffic flow.
• Check that you know the times you are allowed to park and allow yourself time to return before your parking expires.
• Ensure you have parked your vehicle within the bay or area permitted
• Ensure that your parking permit is displayed in a prominent place and has the correct side facing up.
• If you have a current ACROD permit ensures it is clearly visible.
• Do not use ACROD parking areas for parking, loading or unloading, unless you hold a valid ACROD permit. This is an offence even if the vehicle is occupied.
• Parking in the same manner as another illegally parked vehicle does not exempt from an infringement notice being issued.
• If your tyres have been chalked, do not attempt to remove the chalk marks and do not remove the vehicle (once parked) and re-parked within the same street/area within the designated time limit (the time limit does not apply merely to the space or bay occupied - it applies to the whole street or car park).
• Allow yourself enough time to park thoughtfully and carefully.

For more information please call the City of Bayswater Ranger and Security Service during office hours on 08 9272 0972.

Appealable grounds

Parking infringement appeals will only be considered on the following grounds;

• Mechanical breakdown - supported in writing by an independent motoring organisation or mechanical repair business.
• Medical reasons causing the driver to park the car in an emergency.
• A person parked in a disabled parking bay who is an eligible ACROD holder, or the vehicle was carrying a passenger who is the holder of an ACROD sticker.
• Special circumstances- please provide information in writing and supporting evidence.

All infringements will be placed on hold once an appeal has been received to prevent further fees being applied during review of the appeal.

All appeals are lodged and processed through an appeal administration system. A letter of response advising the outcome of the appeal will be forwarded to you.  

Non-appealable grounds

The circumstances where a request for appeal will not be considered include;
• The driver did not realise the time.
• The driver's appointment ran over time.
• The vehicle ran out of petrol.
• The driver had not applied for the relevant parking permit.
• The restaurant/cafe service was slow.
• The permit had fallen out of sight.
• The driver did not see the sign.
• The sign was confusing/the driver did not understand the sign / law.
• The driver did not know that parking restrictions applied.
• The driver had only parked the vehicle there for a few minutes.
• The driver was not familiar with the City’s parking requirements.
• The driver advised there was nowhere else to park.
• The driver does not have an ACROD Parking permit but was injured or had a medical condition
• The vehicle was parked a little bit over the footpath and people could still get past.
• The vehicle was parked only partially in the prohibited area.
• I have been a resident for many years, always paid my rates on time and have never committed any other offences.
• The driver advises that other people park there all the time.

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