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City Of Bayswater

Abandoned Vehicles

Our Rangers deal with a large number of vehicles abandoned within our boundaries on a daily basis. Many complaints are received by our residents but a large number of vehicles are noted by both our Rangers and Security Officers during their daily and nightly patrols.

Complaints are received regarding vehicles on both council land and private property. Should the vehicle be located on private property, such as a unit complex, written permission must be obtained by Ranger Services before we are able to attend and remove the vehicle.

If you have a vehicle that you consider to be abandoned, the following information is required by our administration staff in order to remove the vehicle as quickly as possible:

• Make, model and colour of the vehicle.
• Licence plate details, or notification the vehicle has no plates.
• Exact location of the vehicle.
• Address details.
• How long the vehicle has been in that location.
• Contact details of the person making the complaint

Our Rangers will place a green sticker on the vehicle, once it has been determined the vehicle has not been removed within a 24-hour period. This sticker gives official notification to the vehicle owner to remove it from its present location within 24 hours of the sticker being allocated.

Should the vehicle not be removed within the 24-hour period, Ranger Services will have the vehicle towed to Manheim Auctions. Owner’s details are then obtained from the police and a letter is sent to the last known owner, advising them of the impound. Details are also sent through to our local police stations.

Please note: The City can only send impound notices to the known registered vehicle owner when these details are available.

Should you wish to reclaim your vehicle from impound, a fee will be involved. Any vehicles not collected by their owners are sent to auction and proceeds divided between the auctioneer and City to reclaim costs.

Please contact Ranger Services on 9272 0972 if you wish to reclaim your vehicle. No vehicle will be released by the auctioneer without a valid City of Bayswater receipt being presented on collection.

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