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Bushfire Prevention

Each year, our state is confronted with bush and grass fires. Some of these are deliberately lit, while others are simply nature taking its course. These fires often have devastating results, especially when they come close to private homes and businesses.

Rangers Services will inspect approximately 800 properties across the City during Bushfire Season which runs 1 November to 31 March. These inspections will be scheduled to prioritise known risk areas and locations to ensure an efficient use of resources.

Firebreak requirements are included within the Fire Prevention Notice issued to all rate payers along with the Annual Rates Notice. A copy of the document is available

Should the owner not comply with these requirements, and the property has been noted as a potential threat, several actions may be taken by rangers, including but not limited to:

  • If the hazard is minor in nature, the property owner may be warned and a notice provided;
  • If the property owner fails to comply with the notice, or if the property is a more significant hazard, an infringement will be issued and rangers may remove the fire hazard and render the property  safe, at the owner expense.

These actions are taken by Ranger Services to ensure the City of Bayswater provides a safe and secure environment for both our residents and visitors. Although inspections are not carried out by Ranger Services outside the Bushfire Season, the City recommends that properties are maintained throughout the year.

Rangers Services often receive complaints from residents regarding fire hazards at neighbouring properties, often on inspection these properties simply have unkempt gardens and do not pose a fire risk. These properties generally have the grass mowed less often, have weeds, or contain shrubs that are not neatly maintained. Rangers are unable to force property owners to maintain their properties to the visual standard of their neighbours, they can only enforce for fire hazards.

Note: Fire prevention measures should be undertaken by residents without the use of fire, burning off and other fires within the City are prohibited at all times of the year. If you wish to order a bulk bin or obtain tip passes please contact the Environmental Health team. See Environmental Health.

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