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City Of Bayswater

Dinghy Registration

The Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPAW), formerly Swan River Trust, published the policy  "SRT/D26 - Dinghy Management along the Swan Canning River Park Shoreline' in 2010. DPAW advised the City of Bayswater of the requirement to develop and implement a dinghy storage policy under policy SRT/D26; otherwise they would commence the removal of all dinghies currently stored at Clarkson Reserve.

As such, Council at its Ordinary Meeting in June 2015, resolved to adopt Policy - Dinghy Management.

All boats which have not been registered for storage by 1 December 2015 will be removed by the
City of Bayswater or Department of Parks and Wildlife.

More Information:

- Dinghy Storage Notification - Flyer

- Dinghy Storage Application Form

- City of Bayswater - Dinghy Management Policy

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