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City Of Bayswater

Dog Impound Facility

Dogs currently in the City of Bayswater Impound Facility


IMPOUNDED DATE: 17/10/2014





   Has your dog gone missing? It may have been picked up by a ranger and taken to our animal impound facility, located at 15 Wright Street, Bayswater. You can easily find out if your faithful friend is safe and sound by either contacting Ranger Services on 9272 0972 or visiting our impound facility between 1pm and 1.30pm Monday to Friday, or by appointment after hours and on weekends. 


We take good care of your best friend while they are with us at the pound, however, in order for us to keep taking the best care of all the animals that come to us we do charge a fee. These fees depend on whether your dog is registered and how long they have been with us at the pound.  

Current charges for the release of an impounded dog are:

Impounded dog with a current registration tag: $62

Impounded dog with an expired or no registration: $303

As mentioned, we do take good care of your best friend while they are with us and this includes a daily fee of $11 for the daily keep of the dog.

Our pound is cleaned daily and is kept to a high standard of hygiene. Any dogs suffering illness or injury are treated and, if necessary, boarded with the Morley Vet Centre.

By law, the City of Bayswater is unable to release your dog to you without it first being registered and microchipped. (If not mirochipped, a receipt needs to be shown verifying that your dog is booked in to be microchipped and paid in advance) 

Should your best (doggy) friend go missing, our web page is updated daily.  To ensure that you are re-united with you dog as quickly as possible, you are also able to visit the pound between 1:00PM and 1:30PM weekdays.   For other times please call our customer service officers on 9272 0972 to arrange a viewing time.

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