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City Of Bayswater

Off Road Vehicles

Off-road vehicles – including dune buggies, dirt bikes, mini-bikes and trail-bikes – are prohibited from use on public land and Council reserves. These vehicles cause damage to the environment and our parks, as well as causing a nuisance to surrounding residents.

Our Rangers are able to follow up on any off-road vehicles being driven on Council land, However, if the vehicle is being driven on the road, then a description of the bike and rider should be taken and the police contacted on 131 444.

Drivers of these off-road vehicles can be issued with on-the-spot infringements for driving on Council land without consent and the vehicle can be impounded.

Should you wish to ride or drive an off-road vehicle, please contact some of the local off-road vehicle clubs. Alternatively, the Gnangara Pine Forest can be used for these vehicles. This is about 30 minutes from Bayswater.
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