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City Of Bayswater

Security Watch

January 1, 1997, the City of Bayswater became the first local government authority within Western Australia to offer all its residents a 24-hour mobile security patrol service.

Our service became known as City of Bayswater Security Watch and its purpose is to deter anti-social behaviour and incidents, along with curbing the crime rate within all areas of the City. 

Our primary objective within the Security Watch program is to create a safer and more secure community environment, where homes, community spaces and commercial premises are less likely to be broken into or damaged – and where all residents and visitors to the City can feel safe and move freely throughout our community without fear of crime, violence or anti-social behaviour.

The City of Bayswater Security Watch offers a 24 hour, 7 day a week mobile security patrol service, and is a flexible community-based service, catering to all our residents, commercial business owners and numerous visitors that pass through on a daily basis.

We endeavour to provide a quick response to each call for assistance received by our service, however should particular calls be received that need to be passed over for police attendance, our experienced call centre operator and officers are happy to advise you of further action you can take.

Our mobile patrol officers and call centre operators work closely with police operations and should the need arise after attending an incident, police will be contacted for attendance.

Our officers attend a variety of calls on a daily basis, including disorderly conduct, loitering, break and entering, as well as anti-social behaviour, noise complaints, suspicious persons and vehicles.

The Security Watch Service also provide additional benefits for the community such as:

• Reporting of residential and industrial graffiti.
• Provide extra patrols for residents going on holiday.
• All our patrol officers hold a first aid certificate and can offer emergency first aid until professional help arrives.
• Assisting council and government authorities in identifying and reporting maintenance requirements and hazards within our City.
• Patrols of local retirement homes.
• Assisting Ranger Services with the general enforcement of local laws.
• Responding to calls from police for assistance in emergencies.

Before the introduction of the Security Watch Service as it is known today, the City of Bayswater enjoyed similar success with a similar program known as the Industrial Watch Program. This began in December 1993 for an initial three-month trial period. These patrols were of a similar nature to today’s patrols and were deemed successful with a 67% reduction in crime during the trial period.

The success of these patrols, and the support received from our residents, has led to our service continuing to grow.

In April 2007, our Security Watch Service was brought in-house and is now run entirely through Council.

Each of our residents and businesses contributes to the ongoing provision of our service through their rates.

To contact our Security Service please call toll free 1300 360 333.
Our service runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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