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Verge Maintenance

The City of Bayswater relies on each land owner to maintain the street verges of their property, including corner lot side verges. On request the City will provide new street trees, undertake street tree pruning and slash verges that present a fire hazard. All other verge improvements are the responsibility of the owner.

You are asked to keep your verge neat and clear of any hazards. This includes anything that presents a trip, health or fire hazard, obstructs clear traffic views or pedestrian movements. Leaving a hazard on your verge after you have been asked to remove it can incur a fine.

The City of Bayswater does not maintain vegetation growing on private property. Your trees and shrubs overhanging boundaries should be trimmed away from paths and roads.

The City encourages property owners to assist with improving streetscape amenity by installing and maintaining irrigated or unirrigated gardens. There are certain requirements for things such as the extent and types of paving, width of pedestrian access and the crossover, no changes in the ground level and only low shrubs allowed on verges.

When a public authority such as the City of Bayswater or the Water Corporation undertakes works in your verge, typically the garden reinstatement is limited to establishing the original ground levels.

How to lodge a proposal
If you would like to gain approval for a verge improvement proposal, please submit a sketch and your contact details to:
Chief Executive Officer
City of Bayswater
PO Box 467
More information can be obtained by contacting the City’s Customer Service Officer on 9270 4152.

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