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City Planting Projects

Winter 2017

The decline of the tree canopy in urban areas is of growing concern for local governments, and can be attributed to infill development and a general increase in the urbanisation of the Perth Metropolitan area.

Trees not only improve air quality and add amenity to our streets, but they are also considered to be an effective way of reducing the adverse impacts of climate change.

Trees not only provide shade, but they cool our suburbs by releasing water vapour. The shading provided not only reduces the need for air conditioning - subsequently reducing your power bills - but it also helps to increase the longevity of infrastructure such as buildings and roads. Parking your car under a tree also helps make driving around in summer a lot more bearable!

As part of our commitment to increase the City's tree canopy, the City of Bayswater has increased its budget allocation to $400,000 and has planted more than 1,000 trees over the 2017 winter period. This is in addition to the trees and shrubs planted by the City's environmental groups and the 7,000 plants provided to residents through the 'Plants to Residents' program at Environment House.

Over the 2017 winter the City planted:

508 trees as part of the 'Streetscape Upgrade' program
294 trees within the City's biodiversity corridors
183 trees through the 'Trees to Residents' program
19 trees at the Morley Markets
14 trees along Coode & King William St
9 trees along Guildford Rd
6 trees at Noranda Shopping Centre

If you would like a free verge tree to be installed over the 2018 winter planting season go to http://www.bayswater.wa.gov.au/trees/want-a-free-street-tree  

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