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City Planting Projects

The decline in the tree canopy in urban settings is an emerging issue for all local governments.

As part of its commitment to increase the City's tree canopy, the City of Bayswater has doubled its funding for street trees this financial year from $200,000 to $400,000. This will provide for 1000 new trees to be planted over the next 12 months.

Over May - September 2016 (winter and spring planting season) the City will have planted:

• Approximately 1000 large verge trees (35l-100l)
• Approximately 300 large 'free street trees' (35l-100l)
• Approximately 150 large trees in parks (35l-100l).
• Approximately 51,000 trees and native plants (tube stock).
• Given away 12,500 native plants to residents to green their homes.

A snap shot of these projects can be seen in the 2016 planting snapshot.

Click here to find out what trees are being planted as part of the verge tree planting program.

Planting  Street Tree

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