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City Of Bayswater

Great Greening Resources

An essential foundation of a sustainable future for people is a City that integrates the natural environment into its built urban form.

Council's aspiration of the City is to build a green, resilient, garden city which in turn provides a quality lifestyle for our community. In a Garden City, you will directly benefit through the health, social and economic services that a green urban environment provides.

Check out some of these great links to find out more:

Local Native Plants Guide

202020 vision - The City of Bayswater has signed up to Vision 20-2020, which aims to provide 20 per cent more quality green spaces in urban environments by 2020.

Planet Ark National Tree Day and Schools Tree Day - combine to make Australia's biggest community tree-planting and nature care event.

i-Tree Assessment - The report identifies land surface cover and tree canopy of 139 local governments in Australia. This report identifies the City of Bayswater's tree canopy cover at 13.2%.

Water Corporation - This site hosts a huge amount of information to help you grow a water wise garden. Information includes garden design, water wise plants and water wise verges.

*If you have found a great greening web source you think we should share then let the City know at mail@bayswater.wa.gov.au

Green City Benefits

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