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City Of Bayswater

Private Trees

Trees provide many community benefits including helping to improve air quality, lowering temperatures through shading and transpiration, providing habitat and food sources for local fauna, beautifying our streets and contributing to a sense of mental and physical wellbeing.

To obtain all of these benefits the City encourages private landowners to plant trees on their property. A list of suggested species can be found here

Suggested Tree Species

When choosing a tree species for your property it is important to consider the mature size of the tree, the space available and the proximity to services and buildings.

The City of Bayswater understands that occasionally trees may cause some problems for neighbouring properties. To assist in addressing these problems, should they occur, the City has developed a helpful guide to inform you of your rights and responsibilities.

Please note that the City of Bayswater cannot intervene in issues relating to trees on private property.

Advice to Residents

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