Aviation Commemorative Park

The City's Aviation Commemorative Park marks the birthplace of commercial aviation in Western Australia.

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Aviation Commemorative Park
Maylands 6051
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    The City's Aviation Commemorative Park on the site of the former Maylands Aerodrome marks the aerodrome’s historical significance as the birthplace of commercial aviation in Western Australia and its role as Perth’s first official airport. Interpretive signs at the park tell the story of the aerodrome, which operated between 1924 and 1963, and was home to several pioneering aviation companies and national organisations such as Australian National Airways, the Aircraft Production Commission and the Bureau of Meteorology. The interpretive signage at the park includes information regarding:

    • The airlines and aircraft that flew from the Aerodrome
    • The importance of the Aerodrome during World War 2
    • Famous users and visitors
    • Other features of interest.

    In addition to the interpretive signage, the park features concrete paving in concentric circles around an aeroplane motif, lighting, seating, original runway lighting, an aeroplane propeller and a windsock. The Aviation Commemorative Park is located at Clarkson Reserve 33966, Clarkson Road, Maylands.

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