North Ward Extraordinary Election

The City of Bayswater North Ward Extraordinary Election will be held on Friday 15 March 2024

The election will be conducted via postal vote by the Western Australian Electoral Commission on behalf of the City.

Optional preferential voting will be in place for this election. This is similar to how you vote in State and Federal elections; however, you are not required to assign every candidate with your preference.

You can vote for one, some or all candidates on the ballot paper. If the candidate you gave your first preference to is eliminated from the count, your vote will be redistributed to your next preference on the ballot paper. This continues until one candidate has the majority of votes.

More information on optional preferential voting will be provided by the Western Australian Electoral Commission when you receive your voting pack.

Ballot papers will be posted from mid-February and are due back to the City by 6pm on election day, Friday 15 March.

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