Maylands Laneway Festival

The first-ever Maylands Laneway Festival happens on Saturday 23 February.

Jan 11 2019

Lyric Lane will come alive as the City launches it’s first-ever Maylands Laneway Festival on Saturday 23 February. Get ready for live music, free entertainment, a silent disco and more as you soak up the summer evening atmosphere.

With businesses entering into laneways, making them more people friendly and focused, and emphasising creativity, we can see them emerge into a place for people and not just a transit for bin trucks and cars.

They shouldn’t just be gaps to hurry past or through, but a place to wander and linger. Streets and laneways are valuable public spaces and can add great benefit as places for people. We can realise the placemaking potential of these overlooked spaces and, with a little support from local government, residents can reimagine the public realm.

I’m thrilled to see previously underutilised spaces in Maylands come to life. I encourage you to come along, support local businesses, and help us make sure this dining and entertainment area continues to thrive.

Cr Catherine Ehrhardt

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